Masters Of The Universe Live-Action Movie Reportedly In The Works At Netflix

Masters of the Universe: Revelations

He-Man fans are gearing up for the debut of Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix next month. The much-anticipated animated reboot of the classic 1980s cartoon, as helmed by Kevin Smith and featuring an all-star voice cast, promises to be a more mature, textured take on the beloved franchise. All the hype surrounding the show just proves how much interest there still is in the IP. And it looks like Netflix wants to capitalize on that by expanding the He-Man universe into live-action once again.

Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that the streaming giant is secretly working on a new live-action Masters of the Universe movie. Fans will know that Sony has been attempting to get a reboot off the ground for years now. For a while there, Noah Centineo was attached to play He-Man, however this version of the project ultimately died a death. After so many failed tries, rumors have suggested that Sony secretly sold the project to Netflix, and GFR’s intel appears to confirm that.

According to the outlet, the long road to rebooting the franchise in live-action is finally leading somewhere as Netflix has found a take on the material that they’re pleased with. GFR writes that the current script, from unknown writers, puts a lot of work into developing Prince Adam of Eternia/his superpowered alter ego into a well-rounded character. It’s said that this film will better explore He-Man’s motivations and personal connection to Skeletor. What’s more, it’ll also develop his romance with Teela more than we’ve seen in the past.

1987’s Masters of the Universe, starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella, is a cult favorite, but there’s so much more that could be done with the world of He-Man in live-action these days. With a strong script and Netflix money behind it, a reboot could be something really special. In the meantime, the first five episodes of the Revelation animated series can be streamed from July 23rd.