The best gifts for the BTS fan in your life

Gift-giving can be a stressful task, particularly when you’ve got numerous people to purchase for. Aside from the monetary strain, finding the perfect gift can be a real hurdle. This is particularly true if one of your loved ones is a major fan of something you are generally unfamiliar with. 

With more than 22 million fans estimated worldwide, South Korean band BTS is among the more specific fandoms out there. The band’s fans are also known to be particularly passionate, which means that anyone with a member of the BTS A.R.M.Y in their family cannot go wrong with a BTS-themed gift this holiday season. If you’re not sure what BTS-styled items may be best for the fan in your family, never fear. There are countless options out there, but here are some of the best BTS gifts of 2021.

BTS LED night light

BTS night light

This colorful LED night light is the perfect gift for any BTS fan, but particularly fans in younger age groups. Sporting the group’s signature logo in seven colors, the simple little light can cycle through said colors or maintain a single color permanently. Based on reviews, it also gives off a good amount of light and doesn’t require batteries to work.

The light is small and compact, and plugs in via USB, which makes it easier to travel with. It comes with the light itself, a stand for it to rest on, and a USB cable. You’ll have to provide the base or outlet for the USB yourself, but since most people have a few dozen of these floating around in drawers, it likely won’t be an issue. The BTS night light retails for around $13-$15.

BTS fleece blanket

BTS blanket

Who doesn’t love a good blanket? Everyone can find use for a blanket, particularly one that has Jungkook’s face plastered all over it. This blanket isn’t massive and fluffy, which makes it great as a throw or extra blanket in the colder months, and reviews still promise a delightfully soft fabric.

The blanket comes in three different color and design options, from a stern dark design to a colorful, artistic style. All three options feature the entire band, though their poses and positions vary depending on selection. There are also three size options, starting at a reasonably modest 50 inches by 40 inches and going all the way up to 80 inches by 60 inches. The blanket ranges from just over $30 for the smallest option to $46 for the largest.

Four-piece backpack

BTS Backpack

There are a number of great BTS-themed backpacks out there, but the ones sold on the band’s website are some of the best. If you’ve got a young female fan on your hands, you probably can’t go wrong with any of the offerings online, but the four-piece selection on BTS’s merch shop are all great options for fans of any persuasion.

These backpacks, which come in several different themes, offer up four separate pieces for the price of one. They come with a traditional backpack along with a matching pencil case, a matching purse, and a tote bag. The bags sell for just under $45 for all four pieces.



You really can’t go wrong with a good game as a gift. This Uno deck has the added bonus of RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook’s faces plastered over each card, which pretty much means you’ve cinched the perfect holiday gift for any fan. People of all ages continue to love Uno in all of its highly competitive glory, so this gift has the added bonus of appealing to older BTS fans. 

This deck sports all the typical fun of any Uno game, but uses themed cards to enhance the fun. Each card features a range of full color images of the band, from performance stills to headshots of each individual heartthrob. The game is played entirely the same as a classic game of Uno, but adds in a “Dancing Wild” card, which requires players to perform a BTS dance routine or draw three cards. The deck retails for around $11-$12.

BTS gift set

BTS giftpack

When in doubt, go for a full gift set. A vast array of different gift sets exist on the web, each providing a slightly altered version of the same offerings. Almost all of them fall into the same general price range, which gives shoppers the chance to cater their gift set to each individual recipient.

Of all the sets I perused, this one was my favorite. There are a few standout additions in this set that I feel are particularly appealing, including the two stylish face masks. Most gift sets on the market offer up a range of sticker sets, lanyards, and keychains, but this set additionally comes with a drawstring bag, themed PopSockets for your phone, a necklace, and a colorful set of silicone wristbands. The gift set retails for around $25.

BTS LED clip lights

BTS string lights

LED lights are huge among America’s youth at the moment, so parents really can’t go wrong with any selection of colorful stringed lights. That being said, fans of BTS will absolutely die for these clip lights, which combine the very popular string lights with everyone’s favorite South Korean boy band.

This gift is unique in that the multicolored lights are attached to clips that resemble clear plastic laundry pins. The string of lights comes in a simple plastic case and includes a remote that allows users to control the color scheme and light mode. The string offers up 8 different light modes, but that’s not the most exciting part. For BTS fans, the best part of the deal will surely be the 30 included photos of each member of the band in a variety of different outfits and poses. The whole set is also surprisingly inexpensive, retailing for between $12-$15. 

BTS band socks

BTS socks

Another tried-and-true holiday gift option is a pack of new socks. Every dad has asked for this simple offering at least once or twice, and even young fans need something to adorn their feet through the season’s chilly months. 

Why use plain, boring socks when Jungkook and Jimin can instead embellish your hosiery? This pack of seven socks comes with a pair for each band member, differently colored for optimum outfit coordination. Reviews gush over the quality of the socks, and people can’t get enough of the band members’ adorable little faces. A pack of these socks retails for around $15.

Bluetooth headphones

BTS headphones

Headphones are a must-have these days, and a good pair can last years. If your A.R.M.Y member is looking for a new set of the non-AirPod variety, consider this BTS-themed pair of cordless, over-the-ear headphones.

They aren’t subtle, but why should they be? These simple white headphones sport a photo of the band over either earpiece, ensuring that no passerby will be confused as to your gift recipient’s favorite band. They come with a charging USB cord, and are fully adjustable to fit a range of different head sizes. They also offer noise-reduction technology to ensure that each new BTS song can be enjoyed to its fullest. The headphones retail for around $20.

BTS candle

BTS candle

No true BTS fan’s room is complete without a scent to go along with all that merch. Thankfully, the great minds over at Define Design 11 put together a long-lasting soy candle to fill any enclosed space with a specialty BTS scent.

Promising that it smells like “a worldwide handsome ray of sunshine,” the candle offers up a mild sugar cookie scent primly packaged in a lovely little gift box. It clocks in at right around 9 oz and promises up to 50 hours of burn time. The candle retails for around $26.

BTS hoodie

BTS hoodie

No gift list would be complete without at least one item of themed clothing. There are plenty of BTS attire options, but the band’s hoodies are versatile and attractive, while also being the perfect gift for the year’s coldest months.

There are dozens of great hoodie options on Amazon, as well as the band’s website, but this selection was too eye-catching to pass up. Slightly less than full-length, this option will likely be most popular among young female fans of the band. It comes in a range of options, from a stylized list of all the band members to a jersey-style approach sporting your favorite member’s name. The cat ears attached to the hood really seal the deal, particularly considering its relatively low retail price of between $22 and $27.

No matter what gift you choose for the BTS fan in your life, any of the ones from this list are sure to bring your boy band-loving friend or family member their best holiday yet.

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