Netflix Reportedly Planning A Stranger Things Spinoff


The Duffer brothers seem to be adamant in their belief that Stranger Things will run for no more than five seasons, with reports even claiming that the fourth could be split into two parts and serve as the finale. Of course, Netflix have more than enough acclaimed original content to keep them going for the foreseeable future, but the streaming service will still no doubt have a hard time saying goodbye to their most popular show whenever the time comes.

With the core ensemble rapidly aging out of their roles, Stranger Things can’t keep focusing on high school-aged kids forever, and with the fourth season already facing a lengthy delay after being shut down in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic and still not having received the all-clear to resume shooting, by the time a potential fifth run of episodes arrives, having a bunch of actors in their 20s and 30s running around pretending to be teenagers might end up looking ridiculous.

We recently learned that Netflix were entertaining the possibility of ending the story with a big budget movie, and that’s still on the table, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us The Witcher is getting a prequel show and an Extraction sequel had been green-lit, both of which were correct – that the company are also considering a spinoff set decades after the events of the show. It isn’t a sure thing just yet, but we’re told it’s currently being discussed and the streamer is hot on the idea.

According to our intel, conversations have taken place behind the scenes about a follow-up series set in the present day, which will track the main characters now as adults as the Upside Down rears its head once again. It’s an intriguing idea, to be sure, but Netflix need to be careful that they don’t end up stretching Stranger Things out for too long at the expense of giving the beloved show a fitting and satisfying sendoff.

Tell us, though, would you be into the idea of seeing a spinoff? Let us know down below.