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Fairy Fencer F Review

Thanks to popular roleplaying franchises like Record of Agarest War, Hyperdimension Neptunia and Mugen Souls, developer Compile Heart has managed to carve itself a pretty...

99 Homes Review [TIFF 2014]

For more than a century, great artists, novelists and filmmakers have examined the question: What is the American Dream? Their stories of men and women...

Laggies Review [TIFF 2014]

Lynn Shelton’s latest indie dramedy, Laggies, not only comes with the largest budget that the director’s ever worked with, but also the first script she...

NHL 15 Review

Every time I hear of a new video game console, I begin to wonder what type of advancements it’ll allow EA Canada’s NHL development team...

The Drop Review [TIFF 2014]

The stories of novelist Dennis Lehane are noted for their specificity, rooted in a place – often, seedy, blue-collar Boston neighborhoods – and a time,...