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KFC is joining in on the ‘Morbius’ memeing

Well, we *were* having a good time.

Jared Leto Morbius
Image via Sony/Marvel

In a time of national tragedy and international war, when people seem to be divided on political lines more than ever, there is one set of objective truths that everybody can still agree on:

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  1. That Morbius movie with Jared Leto was a stinker.
  2. Jared Leto seems hard to work with, so it’s fun to watch him go through every part of this, including the horrible awkward press tour Sony set up for him.
  3. It’s definitely fun to make fun of every single aspect of this movie.
  4. The fact that, despite Morbius getting pasted by critics it still made enough money to warrant a sequel is great, even though World’s Nicest Actor Matt Smith was as confused by the movie as the director and the fans were, didn’t want to do it in the first place, and preemptively refuses to show up for a sequel.
  5. The director Daniel Espinosa seems like a nice guy in serious denial.
  6. It doesn’t seem like Sony executives know what they’re doing, or even maybe haven’t read a comic book or watched a comic book movie, and just hope that pasting a successful title on a movie poster will rake in MCU-level money. That being said, an Aunt May standalone movie sounds Morbius-level bad and we hope they go through with it.
  7. That Leto/Holland crossover ain’t happening.
  8. It’s fun to make memes about the whole thing.

It’s the last point that has kept Twitter from getting fully sucked into a black hole of negativity, and the creativity of users has kept hope alive on the App That Drove A Stake Through Elon Musk’s Heart. That is, until now, because all the fun is over once The Brands get involved.

Yes, KFC, which has embraced social media and managed to suck the final remaining drops of joy out of it, the way we assume Morbius would embrace his victims and suck them dry of blood. Does he drink blood? He’s a vampire, right?

Anyway, like a mom turning on the lights signaling the end of a 7th grade makeout party, KFC has stepped in to throw some cold water on everyone’s fun by joining the meme parade. The meme features a split screen art of beloved corporate mascot Colonel Sanders and a character from Morbius, or maybe it’s Swamp Thing. You can look at it here, on the KFC España feed:

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